Interactive contactless card innovator ThothTrust opens NFCW Expo showcase

INTERACTIVE CARDS: Singapore-based contactless card specialist ThothTrust has joined the NFCW Expo

EXHIBITOR NEWS: Contactless card innovator ThothTrust has opened a booth in the NFCW Expo, showcasing its range of next-generation contactless cards containing displays, keyboards, fingerprint readers, and more.

Singapore-based ThothTrust works at the leading edge of smartcard technology, developing and manufacturing contactless cards that push the boundaries of what is possible.

Products include an interactive contactless card with keypad and LCD screen, a smartcard with display and a super-small, SIM-sized contactless card.

Interactive contactless card

KEYPAD AND SCREEN: ThothTrust’s ThetaKey T101 is a secure reprogrammable contactless smartcard with embedded Java Card technology, Bluetooth, rechargeable battery, LCD screen and keypad.

Smartcard with display

E-INK DISPLAY: ThothTrust’s ThetaKey T104 is a battery-powered contactless card with an e-ink display that can be used for 2FA or to check a stored balance without needing a card reader.

Super-small smartcard

SMALL AND THIN: ThothTrust’s CodeWav NFC is a fully-fledged contactless smart card in the form of an ultra-compact 1mm thin NFC tag, similar in size to a SIM card.

Full details of all the company’s products are available to view in ThothTrust’s NFCW Expo showcase. NFCW Knowledge Centre members can also use the on-page ‘Connect’ button to contact ThothTrust for further information.

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Interactive contactless card innovator ThothTrust opens NFCW Expo showcase was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.