India’s national contactless transit card rolls out in Bengaluru

PREPAID: Bengaluru joins the growing number of cities where the NCMC card can be used to pay for travel

Passengers travelling on Bangalore Metro services in the Indian city of Bengaluru can now make contactless fare payments with the RuPay-enabled National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) that can also be used to pay for fuel, parking, tolls and in-store purchases.

The interoperable prepaid card is being introduced in the city by Bangalore Metro with support from RBL Bank, enabling holders to use it in Bengaluru as well as on transport networks and at merchants in Delhi, Goa, Lucknow, Mumbai and other cities across India that already support NCMC payments.

“The cards will be issued at metro stations and RBL branches in Bengaluru,” RBL explains.

“NCMC’s stored value balance can be updated at ticket office or card top-up terminals located in metro stations.

“RBL Bank will also provide POS machines at stations for accepting and loading cards, with recharging available on RBL Bank’s MoBank app as well.

“Apart from travel, the card can be used for fuel payments, shopping, dining, parking, toll payments etc. It can also be used for offline contactless transactions for low value payments. 

“Users will get access to over 200 offers across various categories of spend.”

The Indian government officially launched the ongoing national rollout of the NCMC in March 2019.

India’s national contactless transit card rolls out in Bengaluru was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.