Hyundai to launch contactless in-vehicle payments

IN-CAR PAYMENT: Drivers will be able to search and pay for parking via their dashboard using Hyundai Pay

Drivers in the US who buy the 2024 Hyundai Kona electric car will be able to find, reserve and pay for parking spaces at 6,000 locations around the country from their dashboard touchscreen using the Hyundai Pay in-vehicle payments platform.

Hyundai is launching the platform in the US with support for parking payments prior to expanding the service to include vehicle charging and other use cases, and rolling it out to a further nine Hyundai models.

Once drivers have registered for the service and added a credit card to their account via the MyHyundai app, they can search for and pay for parking at locations that support Hyundai Pay either in advance at home or while they are on the go.

“Hyundai Pay is the latest example of our continuous advancements in smart mobility and software-defined vehicles,” Hyundai VP Olabisi Boyle says. 

“With Hyundai Pay’s scalable ecommerce platform, we can elevate customer convenience and extend their digital reach by making every day needs — such as finding and paying for parking — easier, swifter and safer via our connected-car, integrated-cockpit and secure-transaction technology.”

A short video shows how Hyundai Pay works.

Hyundai is launching the parking payments service in partnership with Parkopedia, the connected vehicle services provider that began rolling out in-car contactless parking payments in the US in June 2022. 

Hyundai to launch contactless in-vehicle payments was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.