SEAMLESS: The upgrade ensures tickets are valid across all modes of transport on the HSL network

Helsinki Regional Transport (HSL) is to introduce validators across the Finnish capital’s bus, tram, train, metro and ferry networks that will enable passengers to pay their fares using their physical or digital contactless debit, credit or transit card or via a QR code.

The rollout of validators that support both contactless and QR code fare payments marks the first phase in an upgrade to the transport authority’s fare payment system that will see it add support for account-based ticketing in its second phase.

The first phase is due to start “in the fourth quarter of this year” with 4,500 validators being installed across the network that will “allow riders to pay with major contactless credit and debit cards, NFC-enabled devices, HSL transit cards or via QR codes,” says technology provider Conduent.

“The upgraded collection system ensures that tickets are valid across all modes of transportation in the HSL network.

“As part of the second phase, validators will also be enabled for account-based ticketing (ABT).

“With ABT, the ticket is stored virtually in the cloud. ABT enables a range of devices, such as a smartphone or smart card, or media to be securely linked via the cloud to the passenger’s HSL account.”

HSL first announced it was planning to roll out contactless fare payments in March 2020 and began enabling passengers to make EMV contactless fare payments in May 2021.

Helsinki Regional Transport to roll out validators that support both contactless and QR fare payments was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.

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