Google Wallet to add support for QR mobile payments

MOBILE PAYMENT: Brazilians will soon be able to scan QR codes with their Android phone to pay via Google wallet

Google is adding QR payments to Google Wallet and users in Brazil will be the first in the world to use their Google Wallet to make mobile payments with QR codes, Google VP and country director for Brazil Fabio Coelho has revealed.

“The new feature, to be launched in the coming months, makes any Android device capable of making digital payments with credit and debit cards by using their camera to scan dynamic codes in payment machines,” he says.

“This feature was designed and developed considering people’s needs in countries like Brazil, where a significant portion of smartphones do not have NFC, the technology used in contactless payment methods. It will bring the safety and ease of Google Wallet’s digital payments to more people.”

Google Wallet to add support for QR mobile payments was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.