Genesis lets GV60 drivers unlock their car via face biometrics

ACCESS CONTROL Genesis GV60 drivers can unlock their car using their face as well as NFC and UWB

Buyers of luxury car maker Genesis’ new GV60 will be able to use a new version of its digital key facility that is the first in the world to support face biometrics, allowing owners to access their vehicle using their face alone.

“Using a NIR (near infrared) camera located in the door pillar and an advanced deep-learning image processing controller, Face Connect allows entry without the need for a physical or digital key, which is perfect when the driver’s hands are full or when engaging in outdoor leisure pursuits where carrying a key is inconvenient,” Genesis says.

“Not only does Face Connect allow unlocking and locking of the doors, it automatically pre-loads the user’s profile.This means the driver’s preferences are automatically loaded, adjusting the position of the driver’s seat, steering wheel and head-up-display as well as updating the navigation system’s recent destinations and infotainment sound volume settings.

“In addition to Face Connect, Digital Key 2.0 allows owners to share access to their GV60 with up to three different smartphone users, each who will have an individual profile. Depending on the mobile device used, Digital Key features cutting edge UWB (Ultra Wide Band), NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth connectivity to allow unrivalled access, security and safety.

“Biometric technology also features in the fingerprint recognition system, which enables the GV60 to be started without the key fob. Once your fingerprints are registered through the infotainment system, you can simply press the touch sensor and start the GV60.

“Furthermore, the security of the biometric data is assured, with the personal details of all the users stored securely in the GV60, making it impossible for the data to be accessed by any third parties. The owner can also delete and amend profiles at any time, further enhancing security and adding peace of mind.

“Externally, the addition of Digital Key 2.0 allows automatic welcome lighting to be activated when the user is up to one metre away, enhancing safety, visibility and usability. It delivers fuss-free access to the luggage compartment with the standard smart powered tailgate. Even with your hands full the tailgate will open automatically if the user stands at the rear of the car for more than three seconds.”

Plug & Charge

The GV60 also supports Plug & Charge, “providing customers with quick and easy in-car payment for electric charging”.

“Plug & Charge is a seamless and secure system that allows drivers to charge without requiring a payment card or smartphone app. Developed in collaboration with Shell Recharge and Hubject, drivers simply pull up, plug in and charge,” Genesis explains.

“When plugged in at a compatible station, the car instantly communicates with the charger, with the charging contract being used to identify and connect the customer’s Genesis Charging account, completing the authentication process and starting the charging session.

“Once charging has ended, the customer’s Shell Recharge account is automatically invoiced, and the customer is able to drive away.

“This simple and stress-free service is possible thanks to the car’s PCID (Provisioning Certificate Identifier), a special digital code that is unique to each individual Genesis and that is associated with a Shell Recharge charging contract through the Genesis Charge Pass.”

Genesis lets GV60 drivers unlock their car via face biometrics was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.