Four Warsaw skyscrapers to roll out contactless mobile access control

CONTACTLESS: Mobile access control is being added at The Warsaw Spire, The Bridge and Warsaw Unit

Employees of businesses with offices in four skyscrapers in the Polish capital of Warsaw will soon be able to enter their workplace and get access to shared amenities by scanning a digital smart card stored on their smartphone on an NFC or Bluetooth-enabled reader.

Europe-wide property developer Ghelamco Group is implementing the contactless mobile access control solution at four flagship sites — Warsaw Spire, The Warsaw Hub, Warsaw Unit and The Bridge — as part of a scheme to standardise mobile and physical access systems.

The system uses HID’s Mobile Access system in combination with software developed by Ghelamco-owned Polish technology provider Signal OS that “manages not only all physical access control systems in the buildings, but offers an easy-to-use way to integrate lift and parking systems, closed-circuit TV, visitor management and — in the future — other building management systems and sensors that monitor air and water quality, for example”, HID explains.

To date, “mobile-enabled smart card readers have been installed throughout Warsaw Hub and Unit. In Warsaw Spire, while physical cards are still predominantly used, HID iClass SE readers with Bluetooth and NFC modules were fitted for testing to support a phased transition to mobile access. Moreover, mobile-ready HID Signo readers will be deployed in the upcoming Bridge skyscraper leveraging Seos as its underlying credential technology,” HID adds.

“The benefits of using HID Mobile Access solution in combination with Signal OS have been immediate. It is enabling Ghelamco to attract new clients who want to lease space in green, efficient and technology-led buildings.

“Money is also saved as PVC access cards are not required. They are commonly lost — leading to an obvious security risk — and create waste and carbon emissions to manufacture.”

Warsaw’s Skyliner building rolled out contactless mobile access control using HID’s technology in November 2021.

Four Warsaw skyscrapers to roll out contactless mobile access control was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.