Finland to pilot digital identity network that lets citizens store credentials in their choice of digital wallet

PROTECTING PRIVACY: The Findynet Cooperative has been given a €3m government grant to build a pilot environment for a self-sovereign identity network

Finland is to develop and pilot an interoperable digital identity network that will enable users to securely authenticate their identity and share personal data such as professional qualifications across a wide range of use cases using ID documents and credentials stored in a digital wallet.

The “experimental environment for a self-governing identity trust network” will ensure that “both individuals and organisations can in the future share their information in business situations – for example, various certificates, power of attorney and loyalty data – in a way that protects privacy” and support a range of different digital wallets.

It will also comply with the European Union’s eIDAS regulations governing cross-border digital identification and electronic trust services and be compatible with the European Digital Identity Wallet the EU is developing, Finland’s Ministry of Finance says.

The three-year project funded by the Ministry is being carried out by the Findynet Cooperative, a consortium of nine private and public sector organisations that includes Finance Finland, Finnish Post, Nixu, Nordea Bank, OP Financial Group, the Kela Social Insurance Institution of Finland, Technology Finland, Tietoevry and Vastuu Group.

“The Findynet Cooperative aims to develop a network that ensures that digital wallets developed by different service providers are interoperable and work seamlessly for both organisations and individuals,” the consortium says.

“The trust network which will now be built promotes digital and human-centred data economies.

“This means that end-users manage their own data and can decide for themselves what information they share about themselves with different parties to preserve their privacy. For example, this exchange of information could involve electronic receipts, credit information and proof of professional qualifications.”

Reports that the Finnish government is planning to pilot a digital passport for cross-border travel emerged in August.

Finland to pilot digital identity network that lets citizens store credentials in their choice of digital wallet was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.