Eurostar goes live with biometric ticketing at London’s St Pancras station

SMARTCHECK: Eurostar passengers can opt to check-in via the walk-past facial biometric checkpoint

Business Premier and Carte Blanche ticket holders travelling on Eurostar rail services from London’s St Pancras International station to continental Europe can now pass through UK passport checks and board the train using face verification alone.

Eurostar’s contactless fast-track SmartCheck service enables passengers to complete pre-departure ticket and passport checks before they arrive at the terminus by scanning their passport with their Apple or Android smartphone and verifying their identity with a biometric face scan which is then also linked to their e-ticket.

“Customers booked in Business Premier or Carte Blanche holders who would like to use SmartCheck opt in and download the SmartCheck app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to their smartphone,” technology provider iProov explains.

“Before travelling, the passenger uses the app to scan their identity documentation and verify their face alongside their tickets using their mobile device.

“The new system then enables Eurostar passengers to expedite pre-boarding processes at the station by proceeding through a dedicated SmartCheck corridor with its walk-past facial biometric checkpoint.

“This fast, contactless route replaces the existing processes of check-in at gates and the manual UK border exit check. Just baggage inspection and one passport check through French border control remain.”

Eurostar begin piloting the biometric ticketing system at St Pancras International in December 2021.

Eurostar goes live with biometric ticketing at London’s St Pancras station was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.