EPI launches wero digital payment wallet in Germany

The European Payments Initiative (EPI) has launched its digital payment solution, wero, in Germany. This launch marks a significant milestone for the EPI, which aims to create a unified and secure payment ecosystem across Europe, reducing reliance on non-European payment providers.

  EPI launches wero in Germany

Wero is a digital wallet designed to facilitate instant account-to-account transactions. Users can transfer funds using just a phone number, QR code, or email address, making the process both convenient and secure.

Initially, wero is available for person-to-person transactions in Germany, with plans to expand its functionality and reach in the near future.

First Transactions

The first successful wero transactions involved customers from Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne (part of Groupe BPCE) in France, and Sparkasse Elbe-Elster in Germany.

These initial transactions demonstrate the cross-border capabilities of wero, highlighting its potential to transform the European payments landscape.

Future Expansion Plans

EPI has ambitious plans for wero. After its initial rollout in Germany, the service will expand to Belgium, France, and other European countries.

Future updates will enable payments to small businesses, online merchants, and in-store transactions, broadening the scope of its usability and making it a comprehensive digital payment solution.

The success of wero is underpinned by strong collaborations with major European banks and financial institutions.

Founding members include Deutsche Bank, DSGV, and DZ BANK. These partnerships ensure that it is backed by robust financial networks, enhancing its credibility and reliability.

Implications for the European Payments Landscape

The introduction of wero signifies a crucial step towards a more integrated and efficient European payments market. It aligns with the European Union’s vision of a Digital Single Market, where digital and cross-border payments are seamless and unified.

By providing a reliable alternative to established global payment giants, wero has the potential to reshape the competitive landscape.

Moreover, the success of wero could stimulate further innovation in the digital payments sector, encouraging other players to enhance their offerings and adopt similar technologies.

This competition could lead to better services and lower costs for consumers and businesses alike.


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