EMVCo forms electric vehicle open payments tasks force

BRINGING CHARGES: EMVCo wants to bring open payments using the EMV standard to electric vehicle charging points

EMVCo has formed an Electric Vehicle Open Payments Task Force that will “work with various industry stakeholders to explore how EMV payment technology could help support a secure and seamless electric vehicle (EV) charging payment experience.”

“Today, many EV users are required to sign-up for different proprietary applications or memberships to pay at charge points, which can lead to an inconvenient experience,” says Joy Huang, EMVCo executive committee chair.

“Consumers globally have come to expect a simple, safe and familiar experience when paying for goods and services in-store and online. The same should apply for EV users at charge points.”

“An open payment approach helps address this challenge by enabling EV users to pay for charging in a familiar and consistent way using their preferred payment method.”

Priorities for the new task force include engaging with industry bodies such as CharIN, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Secure Technology Alliance to examine opportunities for integrating EMV specifications with existing EV charging standards and protocols to support interoperable, open payments, the standards body says.

“This includes the ISO 15118 ‘Plug & Charge’ standard, which specifies a digital communication protocol between an EV and a charge point.

“The task force will also explore the potential for developing dedicated EMV specifications for EV charging payment products, as well as supporting functional approval and security evaluation processes.”

EMVCo forms electric vehicle open payments tasks force was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.