Dublin coffee shop rolls out reusable contactless payments cup

KEEP CUPS: The reusable contactless payments cups enable customers to pay using preloaded funds

Customers at a Bear Market Coffee outlet in Dublin in Ireland can now pay for their beverages and receive rewards by using a reusable contactless payments cup purchased from the coffee retailer.

The personalised ‘keep cup’ incorporates a contactless payments chip in its silicone sleeve, enabling customers to make purchases at the Bear Market Coffee outlet from preloaded funds.

The cup uses digital payments technology developed by Dublin-based payments and loyalty provider Loylap.

“A core component of the initiative is LoyLap’s integrated loyalty system, which operates on Bear Market Coffee’s custom branded app — enabling the coffee business to directly reward repeat customers,” LoyLap says.

“The streamlined branded payment experience means that customers will be incentivised to transition to using the keep cups, potentially saving hundreds, even thousands of disposable, single-use coffee cups from going to landfills each day.”

At launch Bear Market Coffee has made the keep cups available at its shop in the Dublin branch of sports retailer Decathlon and says it plans to roll them out to other outlets “in the coming months”.

Dublin coffee shop rolls out reusable contactless payments cup was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.