Dejamobile gets PCI CPoC certification for its software POS solution

MERCHANT SERVICE: ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants software POS now has PCI CPoC certification

PARTNER NEWS: Dejamobile has received PCI CPoC certification for its white label ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants solution, enabling merchants around the world to be provided with the ability to accept contactless payments on standard Android NFC devices.

ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants had previously received pilot certifications from Visa and Mastercard for Tap To Phone/Tap On Phone with PIN and has already been adopted by Crédit Agricole Payment Services, Market Pay, Monext and Famoco, among others.

“We are thrilled to obtain today the PCI CPoC certification,” Dejamobile CTO Ahmad Saif says. “The product has reached major milestones since its commercial launch, being selected and used by leading market players in EMEA and Latam geographies and awarded as cutting-edge innovation in the acceptance domain.

“This certification is an additional step forward that positions the company among the few worldwide leaders of this emerging technology. With this achievement, Dejamobile also confirms its strong capacity for innovation in digital payments.”

“Being software-only ‘by design’, ReadyToTap Payment for Merchants offers a simple and effective way to accept contactless payments from any off-the-shelf Android device equipped with the NFC technology,” Dejamobile adds. “For all types of businesses, accepting payments becomes as simple as downloading an app.

“The solution responds to merchants’ needs for a secure, affordable and easy to use payment acceptance solution as well as responding to consumers’ increasing demand for a seamless and contactless checkout experience.

“Delivered as white label and exposing APIs for acquirers and merchant service providers, Dejamobile’s Software POS solution comes with a SDK, a white-label payment application, and a management web portal available to the solution owner and its merchants.”


Dejamobile is now preparing for the next level of certification with MPoC (Mobile Payments on contactless off-the shelf (COTS) devices), a new standard undergoing internal review by the Mobile Task Force of PCI SSC, where Dejamobile is an active member.

“This standard is expected, among other evolutions, to widen the list of authorised use cases and solution architectures,” Dejamobile says.

“2022 will be a year of continuous development for Dejamobile where the MPOC certification is a natural extension. The objective for Dejamobile is to continue the efforts in making digital payments affordable to everyone, everywhere.”

Dejamobile gets PCI CPoC certification for its software POS solution was written by Sarah Clark and published by NFCW.