Convenience store in Finland offers automated contactless shopping using RFID tags 

CASHIERLESS SHOPPING: Customers scan RFID tags on the items they want to buy at the POS

Residents of a small village in rural Finland now have access to an unstaffed automated contactless convenience store that uses RAIN RFID tags attached to each item to let shoppers quickly and easily self-checkout using a POS solution equipped with an RFID reader that automatically scans all the items in their basket. 

Shoppers gain entry to the store via an NFC reader that scans the bank card they will use to pay for their purchases.

The solution also tracks the store’s inventory in order to enable off-site staff to replenish stock as needed and collect products that have gone past their expiry date.

“For shoppers, the experience is seamless from the beginning. First, they gain access to the shop with their bank card: Nordic ID’s Sampo S2 NFC reader opens the door based on a bank card scan,” RFID tag provider Confidex explains. “Shoppers then select their merchandise and proceed to the POS. There, the RFID reader automatically identifies the products and the RADEA RFID software completes the payment transaction.

“As shoppers leave through the exit with their purchased goods, a Nordic ID AR85 RFID reader identifies each item that’s being removed. If the shopper is carrying a product that hasn’t been purchased, an alert reminds them to return and purchase that item.

“The system not only enables purchasing, it also tracks the inventory and its freshness. The software prevents sale of goods past their sell-by date, and as the expiration date approaches, the system even automatically discounts the product.

“Replenishment is accomplished by visiting staff. They operate Nordic ID HH83 handheld readers that are used for tag association, updating tags, counting and identifying inventory, and for collecting products that have expired.”

Convenience store in Finland offers automated contactless shopping using RFID tags  was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.