Consumer Brands Association unveils contactless delivery standard

Consumer Brands Association diagram showing contactless outbound delivery example
CONTACTLESS: The new standard covers core workflow events and the different pickup and delivery stages

The US Consumer Brands Association (CBA) has released an operational standard that will enable shippers, carriers, logistics companies and retailers to implement contactless pickup and delivery workflows across their supply chains.

The interoperable software-agnostic standard lays out a set of data requirements for monitoring, recording and transmitting information about “core workflow events” such as driver check-in, proof of shipment and proof of delivery.

“By digitising the pickup and delivery process, the contactless standard eliminates an estimated two tons of paper per year at each facility, protects driver and employee health by reducing physical interaction and lowers costs by reducing the amount of time spent by drivers and facility employees at each pickup or drop off,” the association explains.

The CBA developed and piloted the standard with 60 shippers, carriers and retailers, including Coyote Logistics, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Clorox and Danone.

“On average, the contactless delivery workflows reduced driver dwell time by 40 minutes at each facility, giving drivers more time on the road,” it says.

“By adopting the standard, stakeholders can operate more efficiently and better serve the consumer.”

A short video explains the key elements of the standard and how it is being implemented.

Consumer Brands Association unveils contactless delivery standard was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.