Cilab adds support for NFC passport testing

DIGITAL SECURITY: Cilab’s ci230 high-speed tester now supports NFC testing of epassports and MRTDs Image: Cilab/Shutterstock

PARTNER NEWS: NFC testing provider Cilab has released a test suite for use with its ci230 high-speed tester that enables epassport and other machine-readable travel document (MRTD) applications, devices and readers to be tested for conformance to international standards.

Cilab has added the suite in order to support companies developing solutions that enable the secure storage of digital identity documents on mobile devices, the company says.

The suite allows for analog and digital NFC testing that complies with the latest updates to the ISO/IEC 18745-2 standard covering test methods for MRTDs and associated devices and the German Federal Office for Information Security’s BIS TR-03105 technical guidelines on conformity testing for epassport and other electronic identity documents.

In addition the suite enables users to test for compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) specifications and protocols for MRTD applications and inspection systems contained in parts three and four of its Machine Readable Travel Documents 9303 document.

“With epassport and other MRTD applications, highly accurate testing and uncompromised measurement repeatability are absolutely essential,” Cilab says.

“Our ci230 and ISO test bench achieves this by providing a project management graphic user interface that enables the customer to very easily compare the calibration of devices under test, test conditions, the test suite process and result reports for different designs.”

“Alongside this, Cilab can also provide a fully automated terminal test suite in line with new market requirements for NFC reader interoperability. This enables users to map and check the interaction between epassports and new form factor readers and, in the other direction, an egate inspection system and an epassport uploaded to a mobile device,” the company adds.

“The mapping functionality of the ci230 high-speed tester allows users to check factors including minimum field strength and load modulation amplitude (LMA) to ensure that a mobile device can power up and communicate with the inlay design at a fundamental level and in accordance with legal requirements that there is no physical exchange of information between a mobile device and NFC reader.”

“As we move into a world where passports and other digital ID credentials can be stored in travellers’ mobile devices, we are delighted to provide our customers with this ICAO-compliant test suite,” says Cilab CEO Alfred Binder.

“The MRTD ecosystem is now addressing the need for new form factors to enable document verification without compromising on security in order to provide a truly contactless travel experience.

“We are keen to support epassport issuers, terminal and egate designers and mobile device manufacturers in developing and establishing this new ecosystem for the digitalisation of passports and MRTD readers.”

Cilab adds support for NFC passport testing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.