Cigar brand leverages NFC for product authentication and customer engagement

Cigar packs and NFC smartphone with NFC tagged cigar packs for tags for authentication and ux
SMART PACKAGING: NFC tags in the box enable customers to authenticate their purchase and reorder

US consumers purchasing premium cigars manufactured by the Ferio Tego Cigar Co will be able to authenticate their purchase, access videos and information about the product and make additional orders by tapping an NFC tag embedded in the cigar box with their NFC-enabled smartphone.

The cigar brand is adding NFC tags to its inaugural product range in order “to control our messaging and ensure that we are communicating clearly to our audience” and to allow customers to receive “real-time information and communication about Ferio Tego and our products,” company co-founder Michael Herklots explains.

Ferio Tego is introducing the NFC-enabled functionalities to its products using technology developed by smart packaging provider HumidifGroup.

“With a simple tap of a smartphone, smart packaging tech offers the most secure authentication system and opens a wide channel for the customer’s experience and interaction,” HumidifGroup says.

“Users will enjoy amazing features such as VR, AR, pairing notes, tap to reorder and much more.

“The new Ferio Tego Cigar Co brand will be the first to market with HumidifGroup Smart Packaging technology” and “will begin arriving in premium tobacconists throughout the USA in October 2021”.

Cigar brand leverages NFC for product authentication and customer engagement was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.