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Every time you buy or top up you accumulate points*. When you reach a certain threshold, the points are transformed into credit for new purchases. *Only if the loyalty card has been set by the vending operator


With SELFBLUE your vending operator can send you promotions directly on the app. You will receive a notification with the promotion and a message, just accept it to enjoy the promotion.We are working to continuously add new, more personalized and affordable promotions. You can receive free recharge, or percentage discounts. You can have promotions on …

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If you know the email address of your friends using SELFBLUE, you can send money directly to their wallets, along with a message. They will receive a notification and accepting the notification their balance will be updated with your gift. Naturally, in turn, you can receive money from your friends.These operations will be recorded in …

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Every time you open the SELFBLUE 2.0 app, the list of vending machines around you will appear automatically (the app uses Bluetooth to identify the machines). Choose the machine and proceed to purchase with the balance you have in the wallet or recharge the wallet by inserting the coins or bills in the machine itself.Every …

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Top up your wallet by inserting coins into the vending machine or using credit cards and PayPal*.There is also a QRcode mode: you can buy a prepaid QRcode by your vending operator, scan it with the SELFBLUE 2.0 app to load the amount in your wallet.We continually work to add new recharging modes to increase …

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SELFBLUE is very simple to use. Download the SELFBLUE 2.0 app for free from Apple and Google stores, sign up for the service and create a wallet. The data we ask for is the minimum required to have a secure wallet and to participate in promotions.SELFBLUE has a simplified and friendly user interface with which …

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