Budapest launches Mobility-as-a-Service app with citywide and regional transit ticketing

BUDAPESTGO: The new app lets users buy digital tickets, plan journeys and get real-time travel information

Budapesti Kölekedési Közpoint (BKK) transit authority has launched a new Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) app that enables public transport users in the Hungarian capital of Budapest to plan their journeys, purchase digital tickets and transit passes and receive real-time information about traffic-related changes to transport services.

In addition to the city’s bus, tram, trolleybus, metro and suburban rail services, BKK’s new BudapestGO app — which is available for both Apple and Android devices — allows users to purchase tickets for regional bus services and local transport links to “every major urban settlement in Hungary” without needing to download additional apps or use ticket vending machines.

BudapestGo also enables users to automatically renew their monthly transit pass “on a continuous basis, similarly to a subscription-based service” and will add support for 30-minute and 90-minute time-based tickets for passengers making round trips or transferring between services “in March” this year.


In the longer term, BKK plans to integrate additional transport services into the app, including taxis, demand-responsive Telebus lines and shared cycling and e-scooter services, as well as navigation and parking functions for motorists and cycle route planning that takes into account “the topography […] height-related data and also the different track types”, the transit authority reveals.

“In the digitalisation era, there are no ready-made products. After it has been born, the BudapestGo further develops right away,” BKK says.

“Several, already known complementary functions [from its previous Futár journey planning app] are being renewed and will be reactivated, after their developments have been already finished.

“BKK pays particular attention to the demands of the visually and physically impaired users, therefore further development of the app is under process with the inclusion of experts dealing with equal opportunities in order for the app to be used in the best possible way.”

“BKK’s long-term goal is to introduce combined tickets, which help travel of families or home office workers, among others,” BKK adds.

“Other information in relation to the Hungarian capital (eg cultural programme, points of selective collection etc) will also be available in the app.”

A short video shows passengers using BudapestGO on the city’s tram and metro network.

Budapest launches Mobility-as-a-Service app with citywide and regional transit ticketing was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.