Bank Pocztowy launches first biometric debit card in Poland

CONTACTLESS: Users save a two-finger biometric pattern on the card with a reader supplied by the bank

Customers of Poland’s Bank Pocztowy are among the first in the country to be able to apply for a biometric debit card that allows them to authenticate contactless payments using their fingerprint.

The bank is making the card available in a limited edition, enabling users to save “a two-finger biometric pattern” on the card using a reader supplied by the bank, increase or lower the payment limit on the card and set their own PIN.

“The biometric card fulfils all traditional and digital functions of a payment card. In addition, it allows you to biometrically authenticate each transaction using your fingerprint. Thanks to this, the card is a fully personalised tool with the highest security standard,” the bank says.

“The biometric fingerprint template is saved and secured on the payment card. It is not stored in the reader or in the bank’s systems, nor is it sent in payment systems.”

Bank Pocztowy began piloting a biometric payment card in December 2021 and confirmed that it would be expanding the offering in January.

Bank Pocztowy launches first biometric debit card in Poland was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.