Apple Pay launch drives Hyundai Card uptake in Korea

The number of new Hyundai Cards issued in South Korea since Apple Pay launched in the country has now reached 355,000, with nearly eight in ten of new cardholders being Millennials or belonging to Generation Z (79%).

Just over half of new Hyundai Card holders were in their 20s (51%), followed by those in their 30s (28%) and their 40s (12%), according to local media reports.

“A month after its launch in South Korea, Apple Pay has received a positive response from the market, especially the tech-savvy Generation MZ who value convenience,” Korea Bizwire reports.

“Hyundai Card customers made about 9.3m payments using Apple Pay by the end of April, with 71% of customers using Apple Pay at least once.

“Among major convenience stores, GS25 (25%) was used the most, and Costco (22%) accounted for the largest aggregate transaction amount.”

Apple Pay launch drives Hyundai Card uptake in Korea was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.

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