ABN Amro trials integrated digital identity and payments app

ID&PAY: Users create one account with secure digital ID and can use it for any affiliated service providers

Consumers hiring bicycles from micromobility provider Swapfiets are the first to be able to sign up for a new service from Dutch bank ABN Amro that enables them to use a single app to create a digital ID and then use it both to sign up and to pay for third-party services.

The bank has developed the ID&Pay app to replace “cumbersome onboarding and payment processes with a single online identification and payment functionality within the bank’s own secure environment” and is piloting it with Swapfiets before a broader rollout.

The app allows users to create a secure digital ID on a centrally controlled database, link it to their bank account and use it to authorise payments to third parties whilst sharing only “the minimum data elements required for that specific service”, ABN Amro says.

“More and more service providers require their users to go through an onboarding process. In some cases the process takes a long time and can put users off,” the bank explains.

“With ID&Pay, you create an account once and can then keep using it for any affiliated service providers.

“The functionality is like having a Google login combined with PayPal, but then within ABN Amro’s secure environment.

“This means the user’s privacy is also protected, with the personal data they have provided and the payments they have made all shown in one convenient app.”

ID&Pay will also be able to offer “Apple-Pay-style payments linked to identity” for in-store and online payments “in due course”, ABN Amro says.

ABN Amro trials integrated digital identity and payments app was written by Tom Phillips and published by NFCW.