Use of Contactless EMV to Pay Transit Fares Accelerating, According to Two Agencies That Launched Service This Year

By:  Dan Balaban NFC TIMES Exclusive Insight – Two transit agencies, one large and one small, that began accepting contactless bank cards and NFC wallets to pay fares in recent months are reporting that use of the new payments services is accelerating among their customers. Related stories, automatically selected:  NFC Wallets Make Up Growing Share of Contactless…

GlobalPlatform reports secure element shipment numbers

More than 6.2bn GlobalPlatform-compliant secure elements were deployed in 2018, an increase of over 750m from the previous year, the standards organisation has revealed. In all, over 35bn secure elements based on GlobalPlatform technology have been deployed since 2010, it adds. Read the rest of GlobalPlatform reports secure element shipment numbers at NFCW.